About Us

Outlined Apparel is a company run by the free-spirited. Our objective? To share joy and uniqueness through our clothing lines. We want to offer you the coolest T-shirt - the kind of tees that turn heads and inevitably get you smiling with killer confidence!

At our core, we’re artists, and what else can an artist do best, but to create? That drive for weaving together lines, circles, and all the colors in the spectrum into never-seen-before designs – that’s the kind of spirit that breathes life into our brand.

Our instinct to produce art inspires us to treat every step in the apparel-making process with huge amounts of love— from the initial inspirational idea, to the expert crafting of the design by hand.

We have an unflinching aim to infuse our passion into every design and deliver excellent quality products. Our values are respect, good vibes and healthy humour. We also strive for inclusiveness and self-expression. That's why we include a wide collection of designs to suit everyone's taste— be it human, animal, plant or alien... Basically all living beings! We don't believe in discrimination. Go ahead and pick your style. We surely have a shirt for you! ;)

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Outlined Apparel
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