Here at Outlined Apparel, we know nature. We cherish the freshness of the air, we keep ourselves in sync with the greenery of the Earth's mountains, and our admiration for the different shades of blue of our oceans and skies runs deep. In fact, those little blessings are often our greatest source of inspiration. We simply love our planet. 

That’s why we think that taking a sustainable approach to help preserve our Mother Earth is the only right thing to do. Our oath to being an eco-friendly company is shown in every step of our process:



In traditional markets, the norm is for companies to bring large quantities of their products to the stores. This is grossly inefficient, as these quantities far exceed the demand: roughly 85% of textile products produced by the  fashion industry end up in landfills. The result? Fashion tends to become one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution. 

We don’t play by these traditions.

At Outlined Apparel, we produce on demand, which means that we ONLY make the products that you‘ve chosen to buy and cherish. This means with don’t waste our textiles, inks or anything else from Nature.  

The size of your carbon footprint can grow or shrink depending on your shopping decisions. Let us help you go carbon-neutral.


Our high-quality products are a step further on our take to sustainability. After all, higher-quality products tend to last longer — and that means less waste. We carry out durability, wash and wear tests to make sure our items can stay with you for a long time.

We partner with suppliers who make high-quality products that last through many washes, thus maintaining the vibrancy of your shirt's printed colours and the softness of the fabric.


We all know that overusing plastic hurts our planet. For that reason, we searched for an alternative to pure plastic for our packaging, and we found one — PCR, which stands for post-consumer recycled plastic, is safer and requires less energy to produce. 

PCR material protects our products equally well and helps minimize the environmental impact of plastic on our planet. It’s simply the better option.


We strive towards sustainable logistics. That means reducing the carbon footprint of every operation we handle as a company — from acquisition to distribution. At Outlined Apparel, we've taken few measures to fulfill this goal:

Route optimisation:

We’ve implemented a green supply chain, optimizing our routes and lanes by eliminating unnecessary shipping routes. It cuts back much of our pollution.

Our production centres are also strategically-located. Around 80% of our orders are processed in the same region to which they are shipped. This means faster delivery times for you, and reduced transportation-related CO₂ emissions for Mother Earth.

Having our production and logistics centres close to our customers is the best option for the company and for the planet.

Warehouse optimisation:

Since our production is on demand, we’ve also optimized and cut back on our need for warehouse space and inventory management, which reduces our operations cost and saves energy.

Choosing the right partners:

We've carefully selected our suppliers who match high environmental standards. We have proudly teamed up with Bella+Canvas, our main T-shirt supplier, who prioritises sustainability by limiting and filtering its water supply, saving energy, and recycling leftover fabric.  

And all this is done because we simply love our planet and we are never tired of putting in the work to save it! 

We know you love it too, so together we are looking after and helping it! <3